iCouch Basics

Getting Started with iCouch

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First Steps

  • Set Up Banking
  • Create Appointment Types
  • Add Availability
  • Set Booking Preferences
  • Publish Your Website & Calendar

Set Up Banking

Your bank information is used to direct deposit any proceeds you are due from credit card transactions on our system. Credit card transactions will be automatically direct deposited into your account within a few days of the transaction clearing. The amount of information required is due to banking regulations and guidelines to prevent fraud and ensure security. Without this information, you can't accept payments!

If you don't set up banking, your public calendar will not be available.

iCouch never touches your money. When a person pays you, those funds are cleared by the credit card processor and deposited directly into your bank account. They do not go into any iCouch-controlled accounts. Your money is yours!

Create Appointment Types

Appointment Types are just like they sound -- types of services you offer. You can have a "Secure Video" or an "In Person" appointment type. If you offer, for example "Couple's Therapy" both online and in person, you will create two different appointment types, one for Secure Video and one for In Person. You can also create many different durations and prices for each of your appointment types. You can even color code appointment types to help you stay organized.

Add Availability

In the Calendar section, click on "Availability" at the top of your calendar. Then at the top right of your calendar, click "Add Availability." Availability are days and times for which you are available for bookings made via your public calendar. You can always manually create appointments regardless of your availability settings. "Availability" strictly refers to "Availability for bookings through your public booking calendar." If you want to be available Mondays and Wednesday from 9:00am until 5:00pm, you will create two Availabilities, one for "Mondays" and one for "Wednesdays." Currently iCouch doesn't support creating availabilities for multiple days at once. (Sorry!)

Set Booking Preferences

On your calendar screen, click the gear icon on the top left. This opens your calendar and appointment settings. Have a look at each of these settings to see if you're happy with the defaults. If you want to change something, be sure to click "Save" when you are finished. Click the "i" icon if you want more explanation about the settings.

Publish Your Website & Calendar

Select the "Website" section from the left sidebar menu. Fill out as much information as you want (and don't forget to add a photo!) There are two switches that are very important. One publishes your website; this means that someone who visits your-username.icouch.me will be able to see what you've published. They'll be able to send you Secure Messages and view your Public Calendar.

If you do not publish your website, your calendar will not be publicly accessible. Also, the Visible in Search switch means that your website will be available on the iCouch directory at https://icouch.me/find-a-therapist.

Modules for your Website

You can also add more pages/sections to your website by clicking the "Modules" link on the left side of your Website section. We've included some suggested default modules you may want to use. Simply click the Module, add some information and click save. Don't forget to click the switch to ensure that module is visible on your website!

You can edit text by highlighting it with your mouse. A little editor will pop up allowing you to add lists, bold, italics and links. You can also create custom modules. You choose a title (but don't make it too long!) and add whatever content you want. Currently there is no way to change the order of the modules. (Sorry!)

Next Steps

If you've made it through these steps, congratulations! If you have questions, please email us at support@icouch.me.

Now, you can move to the next step of inviting your clients to start using iCouch.

Still Need Help?

No worries, our all star support team is standing by!