iCouch Basics

Your iCouch Preferences

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iCouch has some powerful settings that you can customize to your practice requirements.

To get to settings, click the gear icon on the top-right of any page.

Basic Info

You will see the following page:

iCouch Account Settings Page

Be sure to add your mobile number if you want to get important notifications sent to you by SMS. This notifications would include:

  • New Appointment Bookings
  • New Messages from Clients
  • Payments Received
  • New Documents/Forms/Files Received


These are settings relating to your public calendar and appointment bookings. This is where you would change your time zone as well as set up your booking preferences.


Change your password on this page.


If you ever need to update any banking information, this is the place!


This is where you can customize the client invitation email text. Learn more about inviting clients by reading this article.

More customizations will be coming to iCouch in the future.


This is where you can check the status of your subscription.

Still Need Help?

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