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Inviting Clients to iCouch

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In iCouch, adding your clients is important for a few reasons:

  • It allows you to communicate using Messaging
  • They can see upcoming appointments
  • They can pay invoices
  • They can view and/or complete forms, documents or files

The free iCouch client account also gives them access to a personal To Do list and they can create and store documents, files and forms of their own. So, for example, if clients like to keep a journal, they can do that within their free iCouch account. There's the added benefit of anything they store within iCouch being highly secure -- and HIPAA-compliant. Unlike Google docs or other free cloud-based systems, iCouch is HIPAA-compliant so it's a safe place.

A client does not need a client account to join a video session but they do need one to send messages.

Inviting your Clients to iCouch

When you create a new client, be sure the boxes for "Consents to Email Notifications" and "Invite to iCouch" are checked like this:

Inviting a new client to iCouch

When you save this client, the following things happen:

The email invitation they receive looks like this:

Client invitation email example

When they click the link in the email, they'll be taken to a page to create a password. They don't need to do anything other than choose a password. Their name and email is pre-filled based on their information. They can update their information later, but they have to use the same email you invited them with (this is for security.)

The password creation/client sign up page looks like this:

iCouch client sign up page

Checking the Status of an Invited Client

In the following image, you can see some sample clients.

  • Annie Noda has not been invited yet. That’s why there is an Invite button.
  • Vince Gill has been invited and has a client account. That’s why “Secure Message” is available.
  • David and Rashida have been invited but have not yet set up a client account. If you want to re-send the invitation email, you would click “Re-Send.”

Invitation Status on iCouch People Listing

Important Note

Clients should never sign up for a therapist account. This occasionally happens. Contact us at if you think this happened and provide the client's email address and we'll get it sorted out right away!

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