First, we're really happy to have you interested in getting started!

To get started, you'll first need to sign up for the free trial.

You'll then select your time zone. Click Continue.

Now you're going to see a little welcome video. Please watch it! It gives you a nice overview of iCouch basics and helps you get oriented.

Once you've finished the video, you'll be on your Dashboard. This is your "home base" within iCouch. Right now, you're going to see some checklist items. They should be self-explanatory, but they are:

  • Website -- this is your "home page" for your practice. You can see a nice example of the finished product here:

  • Connecting a Bank Account -- this is so you can get paid when you have credit card transactions. This is a required step for your booking calendar to be available to the public. Just FYI, we never have access to your bank account other than for our payment processor to make deposits into your account.

  • Public Calendar -- this is where you add the types of appointments you will provide. For example "Individual Initial Consultation (In-Person)" or "Individual Initial Consultation (Secure Video)." After that, you'll "Add Availability" which are days and times you want to be available for public booking. You can always manually create appointments outside of any availability you've set -- "Availability" only pertains to your public booking calendar. Your private iCouch calendar doesn't care about availability -- you're in full control!

  • Clients -- this should be self-explanatory, but adding/inviting existing clients makes it possible for you to exchange messages with them. You also need to add a client if you want to send him or her an invoice/payment request or to create an appointment with that client.

Once you've done these setup steps, you are ready to start accepting appointment bookings!

Some suggested next steps:

  • Try a Video Session

  • Start a Messaging conversation (you'll have needed to invite a client before you can do this.)

If at any point of this setup you get stuck, need help or would like to schedule a call with someone at iCouch, let us know!

Good luck and welcome!

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