Using iCouch Secure Messaging, you can have text-chat sessions. This article will help you get started.

If you create a Messaging Appointment Type, clients and potential clients can book those sessions from your Public Calendar. Alternatively you can manually create an appointment in your Calendar.

Before you can have a Messaging appointment, your client will have needed to create a free account.

How to know if your client has an account

  1. Visit the People section by clicking on "People" in the left sidebar.

  2. Look for your client's listing

  3. If you see "Secure Message" as an option under the Contact column, that means your client has an iCouch account.

When your client does not have an account

  1. Visit the People section.

  2. Look for your client's listing.

  3. Click the "Invite" button.

  4. The client will receive an invitation email. This could happen instantly or take up to a few minutes depending on their email system speed.

  5. They click the link in the email

  6. They'll create a strong password and click Sign Up.

  7. After they've done this, you'll see the "Send Message" option available in your client's listing.

  8. Your client can also message you by visiting the Messages section within their account.

Having a Messaging Session

  1. Visit your Messaging section.

  2. Start a new conversation.

  3. Select your client. If you client has not set up an account, you won't see their name available.

  4. You can then start typing.

Messaging works similar to other chat programs you have used before. You can chat in real-time or you can respond to messages later.

You can use Messaging with your clients any time (not just for appointments.) It's a great, HIPAA-compliant replacement for email.

Unread Message Notifications for your Client

Be sure you have checked the box in your client's record "Consents to Email Notifications" to ensure they get notifications of new messages when they are away. If your client has a mobile number, you can also add that to their record and they'll receive SMS notifications for new messages (assuming you confirmed consent!)

Notifications are HIPAA-compliant. Content or even your name is never sent in a notification -- it's a generic notice that they have new messages on iCouch. This protects the privacy of your client.

Unread Message Notifications for you

If you have provided a mobile number in your account settings, and opted-in to SMS notifications, you will receive an SMS when you have new messages. You will also receive an email notification for new messages as well.

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