Clients who have not yet signed up for an iCouch account (they’re free for clients!) are unable to use messaging. You’ll be able to tell if your client has created an account by going to the People section, and checking to see if it says “Secure Message” beside their name:

If it says “Invited”, this means you’ve invited them but they have not yet signed up. If there is an “Invite” button, you haven’t yet invited them to create an account:

To invite a client to use Messaging

Click the "Invite" button, and an invitation email will be sent to your client. When they click the link in the email, they’ll be asked to create a password to sign up. After they've done this, you'll see the "Send Message" option available in your client's listing.

If you need more help or have questions, feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to help!

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