You can create a form to send to your clients, who then can fill it out and sign it. These steps will show you how:

Selecting a Form from the iCouch Form Library

Check out our growing list of form templates already created that you can edit and use. From the Papers tab on the left, go to “Form Template Manager”.

The iCouch Form Library is accessible at the top right:

Take a look through the library and you’ll see a variety of form templates. Just click on the title to open it up:

Click the “Copy to My Templates” button to begin customizing the form.

The form automatically opens in editing mode, and you can make your custom changes here. Then click save when you are finished, and your form will save in your Form Template Manager.

You can also create your own form template from scratch, without using the iCouch Form Library. If you’d like to see how to do that, check out the article “Creating a Form from Scratch”.

If you need more help or have questions, feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to help!

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