If you're having connectivity troubles, the first place to go is the following link:

Use Pre-call Test

This is a third party testing tool that's outside of the iCouch system. If you pass this pre-call test, you're good to go for iCouch video sessions.

Device Requirements

Safari, Chrome or Firefox

Chrome or Firefox (Microsoft Edge/IE is not officially supported)

Google Chrome for Android. (The "Samsung Chrome" browser and non-Chrome browsers are not officially supported.) It needs to be Google Chrome for Android.

iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Safari (the built-in browser.) Non-Safari browsers on iPhone/iPad will not work.

Common Issues

"It's telling me to check my camera and microphone and I already did"

When you open a video session link, your computer or mobile device should prompt to allow access to your camera and microphone. Obviously, you need to grant this permission. After you grant this permission, give it a bit. It can take some time for the system to detect the camera and begin a connection. For most people this will be nearly instantly, but depending on network conditions, it could take a little longer. If after 45 seconds or so it still doesn't connect. Then reload the page. Reloading the page can often fix issues of connectivity.

If you deny permission, the system is going to wait, and wait, and wait, to connect to a camera and microphone that you've denied access to. Sometimes, people have set their browser security very aggressively to always deny access to the camera and microphone. In these cases, iCouch isn't going to work. Here are some links for various browsers and devices to help you fix the camera/microphone issues:



macOS Safari

iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Some computers, especially Lenovo has some weird issues with their camera and microphone drivers. Lenovos are notorious for camera/microphone issues. Here is a support article that might help if you're facing Lenovo-related issues: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-P-Y-and-Z-series/SOLVED-Built-in-Camera-not-working/td-p/3353327

On Windows machines, sometimes the volumes are set incorrectly for the microphone and speakers that can cause issues. Visit the Control Panel and play around with the settings. We can't fix these sorts of issues for you because they are specific to hardware.

Seeing Double

Sometimes you might see the other person twice, in a split screen. This is always caused by the other participant having joined the video session link twice. The solution is for them to close all windows. Quit the browser. Then join the video session link once.

Pixelation or Quality Issues

This is always a result of bandwidth problems. The Pre-Call Test will reveal issues such as this. It's always a good idea for participants to close other programs that might be using the internet connection. Streaming video from Netflix while on the same Wifi as a video call, for example, is going to significantly reduce available bandwidth and the quality of the video will suffer. Open Facebook tabs, email, and other network-hungry tasks can also steal bandwidth. Close everything. Focus on the video session you're having. Also remember that other people on the same Wifi can be using up bandwidth without you realizing it. This isn't something iCouch can solve because unfortunately, we don't have access to everyone's network. LTE/5G cellular connections generally work very well, but if you're moving around a lot, this can affect connectivity as the device is trying to stay connected to the signal. 4G connections also work, but one should keep in mind that background internet tasks (such as your mail program automatically checking mail periodically,) can steal bandwidth.

Generally, this isn't a big problem, but if you're experiencing quality issues, this is almost always the cause.

Other issues?

Send us a chat message if you have further questions. We're glad to help. However, we can't fix networks and we're not experts in every possible computer out there. 

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