A "Client" in iCouch is a non-practitioner. Some might say, "patient," but essentially a client is a user of the system who is not a service provider.

Below, you'll see what the practitioner sees. This is where they would add you to the system and invite you to create a client-portal account.

After the practitioner clicks "Create" that will send you an email. You'll see something like this in your inbox:

And this is what the email itself will look like:

This is your invitation to create a Client Account. DO NOT take it upon yourself to go to the Practitioner Sign Up page.

The Practitioner Sign Up page will look like this (DO NOT USE THIS):

That's NOT for you. You aren't a practitioner. You're a client. You need to have been invited by your practitioner and that email you received -- that's where you'll start.

When you click the "Create Your iCouch Account" link, that's going to take you to the client sign up page. Your name and email will already be filled out. You can't change this at this stage. You'll need to create the account first. The reason is that your information much match the information your practitioner has for you.

After you create a strong password, you'll select your timezone.

You can change this later if you want.

After you select your timezone, you'll see your dashboard.

This is what that will look like in the beginning:

Not much there yet! That's ok, there's still a lot you can do here. The most important thing you can do at this point is to use Messaging to send your practitioner a secure message.

Clicking on Messaging on the left side of the screen brings up this:

If you click on New Conversation, you guessed it! It allows you to start a new conversation. 

In the to section, click on your practitioner's name.

And now, at the bottom of the screen you can start typing stuff. 

You and your practitioner can text chat. If they aren't there, they'll get a notification that they have a new message. So you can sign out and come back later and the conversation will still be there.

That's how you get started with your iCouch Client Account.

If you have questions about your appointments or payments or anything other than technical support, use Messaging.

This icon:

That's for iCouch technical support. We can't help you with appointment questions. The purpose of that is if you have questions about using the software. Your practitioner should be your first place to ask if you have questions and to do that, you'll use Messaging since it's secure and protected and designed for you to communicate safely with your practitioner.

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