Do you find yourself writing the same boilerplate in your treatment notes over and over? Do you need to create some new forms but want to use an existing form as a starting point? If so, Duplicates is exactly what you're looking for!

How to create duplicate papers

  1. Go to the Papers section.

  2. If you want to duplicate an existing form template, click on Form Template Manager, otherwise, you can duplicate an existing, filled-out form or document.

  3. Check the boxes next to the items you want to duplicate. You can't duplicate uploaded files.

  4. In "Actions" in the top right of the Form Template Manager or in the main Papers section, select "Duplicate."

  5. A new copy will be created and "Copy" will be appended to the title. Remember, you can change the title of things in the File Information tab when you open a paper.

If you duplicate a filled out, locked form (such as a treatment note,) any existing signature will be stripped from the copy. (The original is untouched.)

This is super-useful if you fill out treatment notes for the same patient over and over -- instead of always having to fill in the same information, simply use the Duplicate function to create a new copy from the existing one.


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